A Message From Denise

Hi…! Denise here, creator/founder of MakeMagic Twist. When I was traveling in Europe with my musician husband, I saw a version of the twist at a local street vendor. Although the quality was poor, I thought the idea was cool and had potential. I came home and found someone who could custom-make the UNIQUE SIZES, STYLES and DESIGNS that I envisioned. FUNKY, SOPHISTICATED or PLAYFUL, I wanted all MakeMagic Twists to be the highest possible quality and to be absolutely guaranteed lead and nickel free (this is not always the case). After much trial and error, we finally achieved what we we’re aiming for. The result is a fabulous line of jewelry that is CUSTOM-MADE with CARE, and always inspires you to USE YOUR CREATIVITY! I also wanted the packaging to be nice, so each MakeMagic Twist comes in a beautiful handmade black and white silk-screened organza bag.

You simply will not find another twist like a MakeMagic Twist!

I looked to my childhood for the inspiration for the company name – MakeMagic. When my brother and sister and I were kids growing up in NJ and we couldn't go out to play because of rain, my mother would say, “I'm going to make magic!” No more exciting words could be spoken. We would cover our eyes, (peeking only a little) while she rummaged around a small closet to find some toy she had stashed for just this rainy day. She’d throw it up in the air with an “abracadabra” and with squeals of delight we would scramble for our prize as it fell from the sky. My mother “made magic” our entire childhood – it delighted me then and the idea continues to inspire me now.

My wish for everyone who has found their way to this website is for you also to have fun and make magic...with your twists and in your life.

Best wishes, Denise David Williams


Reviews of MakeMagic Twist!

The Sisterhood
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“There are three words that come to mind when I think of how to describe this item of jewelry: flexible, funky and noticeable....The Make Magic Twist is definitely an item that would appeal to those who love objects that stand out and make a statement.”  
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“A piece of jewelry that can change as much as you change your hairstyle? ...Change can be good.”  
Bite Me!
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“...lots of jewelry to be found but nothing quite as fun as MakeMagic Twist.”  
Britney Waldron Entertainment News
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San Francisco Chronicle
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“Original and unique”  
Bella Magazine, July 2011
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You can also find MakeMagic Twist at the following Retail stores

Katie Raber Face & Body
Huntington Beach, CA 92659

Wilshire Beauty
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Beverly Glen Pharmacy
Los Angeles, CA 90077

Brent-Air Pharmacy
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Planet Beauty
Calabasas CA 91302

Planet Beauty
Westlake Village, CA 91362

Planet Beauty
Santa Barbara CA 9310

Planet Beauty
Santa Clara, CA 95050

Planet Beauty
Roseville, CA 95678

Planet Beauty
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Planet Beauty
Dana Point, CA 92629

Planet Beauty
Studio City, CA 91604

Steff's House of Style
San Diego, CA 92127

Hands On Boutique Spa
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Nat'l Federation of the Blind

Fashion Exchange Consignment
McLean, VA 22101

If you would like to carry MakeMagic Twist in your store,
please email us at info@makemagictwist.com or call 888-418-9990

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